Criminal Records Search
Use our Criminal Records Search to uncover all that you can about someone's past. Learn about an individual’s criminal history and find out the details about their prior offenses. Find out if someone close to you has been convicted of a serious offense such as sex crime and more.

National Criminal Background Search Results consist of the following:

  • Arrest records
  • Police files
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Sex offender records
  • Convictions (law)
  • Incarcerations
  • Warrant Information
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Criminal Records Search

Ensure Your Safety with a Criminal Records Search

Are you absolutely certain that the people you’re giving access to your personal property and family members are safe to be around? Performing a criminal record check in their name can help ease your mind about someone’s past and determine whether they may be prone to violent actions. Criminal records are a matter of public records, and now you can instantly search for them online using only a name and state. No other screening method is this fast and easy, and the subject of your search will never know you’re doing so, since searching for criminal records is confidential.

The Legality of Accessing Criminal Records

Most criminal records are deemed a matter of public record, which according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) the public should be able to freely access. Of course, personally identifying information about someone will not be included in public criminal records, but other details will allow you to confirm the identity of the person named in them.

In special circumstances, criminal records may be redacted from public viewing. For example, if a person committed a crime as a juvenile, it is likely that the local law enforcement agencies and prosecutor will clear his or her public record when they reach the age of 18. In other cases, a judge overseeing the proceedings may determine that the records pertaining to the criminal activity are especially sensitive and should also be protected from public viewing.

Public Information in Criminal Records

Criminal records can include information regarding the arrest, court proceedings, sentencing and current disposition of the case. The most important piece of information in criminal records is perhaps the offense the person has been charged with. You may find drunk driving charges, sex offenses, theft, fraud, assault or even murder charges that would be valuable in your assessment of that person. More importantly, you can determine if they were convicted of the criminal charges or acquitted.

Dates of arrest and court dates, pleas entered into court, and incarceration details are all available in criminal records for public viewing. You will be able to determine by reviewing criminal court records whether the person pleaded ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ to the charges he was facing. You’ll also find information regarding whether the judge or jury convicted him of the crimes, and whether any jail time was served or probation was ordered.

Using Information You Discover in Criminal Records

Even if a new boyfriend or girlfriend, potential date, neighbor or babysitter seems like a great choice and safe for you to let into your life, your safety and that of your family is the most important thing. Ensure you’re well informed and nothing is being hidden from you by searching for criminal records in their name. This can help you determine if there are any criminal records in someone’s past that indicate sex offenses, drunk driving, assault, fraud and theft, and allow you to make an informed decision about whether to further investigate their background or determine their fitness to be in your life.